Radio Check

The early days were heady, full of life and vigor, the imagination drunk with possibilities of what could be done. The horizon lay endless with nothing but adventure waiting over there where the sun meets the sky. Those days are long gone. When I first … Continue reading Radio Check

Desert Rose

The heady days of childhood when adventure lay in every corner and happiness was a second away are long gone, in their stead are grey dreary days rife with routine and drudgery; this deadline and that meeting, life is but a constant serving of the same meal…

Life, this enigma that has stumped minds since the dawn of time is not to be counted out. On the least expected of days it played its trump card. A misty day, with rolling colds and muddy pools every few steps over a desert rose bloomed, fanning out its petals to reveal a beauty that sows doubt into whether it was a dream or reality. The weather that grounded all pilots unable to see the runway somehow opened up a bit for the rose to be seen albeit for a short while.

This petal had shared interests that petal served the soul nourishing joy of music. Of writing and suspect jokes. Of loud music and masks that hid the sound of laughter. The dance of life and death that covers the spectre of death with our very humanity. That we love to read and write, in their holy communion we find the life giving spirit. In these pages we arrested the future, let it stand still and witness perfection…

All good things must come to an end and a journey that was wished to last all day ended in a puff of a smoke. Will I see the rose bloom again? Do dreams melt into delusion? Only providence knows, we live in faith and hope, that on another day, we’ll see the rose bloom again. May the future be kind to all of us.